When considering your flowers for your wedding it is important to remember all the floral elements you may need for the day.
There are rather a lot of them, so it may be worth exploring the option of reusing floral displays from one part of the day at a later part. That would entirely depend on the display of course. If a florist is required to move it, then it may be more cost effective to buy a second, that said, it may be simple and something the venue or bridesmaid may be able to do.

B R I D A L   P A R T Y   F L O W E R S

Bridal Bouquets
There are so many different types, such as Pomander, Hand Tied, Teardrop/Shower, Wild, and Overarm.
It is the finishing touch to your attire and should complement your entire bridal look.
The moment a bride is handed her bouquet is magical, she is now complete and ready to walk down that aisle.

Remember to factor in a fake bouquet to throw in the evening to your awaiting female guests (if you are keeping the tradition). That way you can keep hold of yours. There are wonderful ways now you can press your wedding flowers into a forever keepsake.

wedding flowers

Corsages and Buttonholes
A wonderful way to distinguish the important members at your wedding. There aren’t any rules as to who wears a corsage, but historically it is Parents, Step Parents, Grandparents, other family members who are not in the bridal party and those doing readings. For buttonholes it can be just the groom that wears one, but it can be extended to the best man, Fathers of the Bride and Groom and Ushers. It is a lovely opportunity to match your colours and designs from the wedding flowers into the corsages and buttonholes. There are many modern alternatives to the traditional designs now, with them on chains or bracelets/rings etc.

Don’t forget Petals for the flower girls to scatter and for general design…

C E R E M O N Y     F L O W E R S

Entrance flowers
Flower arches are a beautiful way to guide your guests into your wedding with style and opulence. They frame the start of your wedding and make for wonderful pictures when you emerge as newlyweds.

luxury wedding flower arch

Font/Urn Floral arrangements
These arrangements may be in the ceremony room itself or in prominent areas.  Make them eye catching.
A stunning urn at the entrance to your ceremony overflowing with flowers will make a dramatic statement. Trust your florist to create an arrangement to wow your guests that is entirely bespoke to you and compliments your design.

Pew Ends/ Aisle Decoration
Line your aisle with breath-taking blooms . Whether it be every chair, or just the chairs running down the aisle, it can be such a simple design with swoon worthy effect.

Foliage Frame
Frame your wedding ceremony! It is the most important part of your day when you take your vows in front of all your guests. So frame that moment with a stunning floral hoop. The pictures will last a lifetime.

luxury wedding flowers

R E C E P T I O N   F L O W E R S

Table Arrangements
Think low and high when organising your floral designs for your reception. Not only do you want stunning flowers on the tables, but it can be very powerful to have hanging floral designs too, giving your guests so much to look at and be wowed by.

A bridal entrance is often begun on the stairs. So line it with beautiful flowers and those pictures will be divine. Furthermore your guests will be taking Instagram worthy shots all day and night on your blooming steps. Add some classic candles for a romantic ambience.
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Napkin Dressing
A simple understated sprig tucked into napkins is a perfect way to finish off the table design. Table-scaping isn’t complete without a floral addition in the napkin dressing.

wedding table flowers

For more floral design and luxury wedding planning ideas please contact us at Daisy Alexandra Weddings. We’d love to hear from you.

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